Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cake Masters Exclusive: Silicone Plastique

So I had a go at using Silicone Plastique and it is fabulous stuff from the Cake Decorating Company!!

The Cake Decorating Company is where you can buy Silicone Plastique:

200g of Silicone Plastique, £14.95

You can use silicone plastique to make your own moulds, I made these fabulous ones- perfect for valentines :)

It is amazing the level of detail that can be can be transfered across.
I used small instrument charms and was amazed how all the little keys showed up in the mould.

I have created this video which shows how I made the moulds and then decorated the cupcakes :)

The Cake Decorating Company is giving all Cake Masters fans an exclusive price for Silicone Plastique:

200g of Silicone Plastique £14.95