Saturday, 5 May 2012

Win tickets to Birmingham Cake International ** Cake International Quiz **


We hope that you have enjoyed the Cake International albums on our facebook page

We thought that by uploading the albums in small chunks over the week it would allow you to appreciate some of the hard work gone into making each cake as well as the incredible level of detail on some of the cakes.

We have decided to run a quiz based on the Cake International photo albums uploaded.
You will need a keen eye and will need to look carefully through the photos for your answers :)

Prizes are courtesy of the ICHF the organisers of the show and will be two pairs of tickets to the show in Birmingham this November

Good Luck!

1. What colour are the cases used for the beautiful origami cupcakes?
2. What miniature food item is on the plate of the cupcake decorated with a pink and white checked table cloth?
3. How many knights are standing guard at the castle door?
4. On the lower level of the castle, what is the knight in shining armour giving to the lady dressed in red?
5. What is in the left hand of the musician coming through the castle curtains
6. What four instruments are being played round the side of the castle?
7. How many balls is the jester juggling on the top level of the cake?
8. What green charm is used on the white leather handbag?
9. How many shoes are displayed on the cake with the stacked shoe boxes?
10. What colour is the butterfly on the top tier of the Queen of Hearts 3 tier square buttercream stacked cake?
11. How many white skulls are included in the colourful royal iced collar from Emma Mathews?
12. What colour string are the two black cats playing with?
13.  Who is the cake decorator that produced stunning black and white royal iced pieces for the cake international show?
14. What insect it perched on the tall frog bride's wedding dress?
15. Who produced the 5 tier white cake with an embossed union jacks tier?
16. Cups of tea, slices of swiss roll, doughnuts and a cake are served, how many jam sandwiches are also on the table?
17. Whose fish and chip shop is open for a birthday celebration?
18. Where is piglet on the Olympics cake?
19. Who made an awesome fish bowl cake?
20. How many carrots are ready to be harvested at Paula's Farm?
21. What item has been left on the pavement of Jubilee Close?
22. How many shortbread biscuits are on the plate at the fairy tea party?
23. How many mini cupcakes are on the table at the fairy tea party?
24. What is the colour of the ivory dragon's eye?
25. How many mice have successfully tied up the cat?

Please email all answers to with the subject title "Cake International Quiz".

Good Luck!!!!

Closing date: 31st May 2012

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