Monday, 20 August 2012

Tutorial Sculpted Scroll Moulds

I have used moulds from the Marvelous Moulds collection to create this gorgeous cake!
There are so many different flourishes and swirls you can buy to create elegant swirls and flourishes to decorate your cake with.

The good thing about these moulds is that there is no need for any trex or any kind of cutting tool to go round the edges. The mould has a cutting blade incorporated into the mould which cuts away any excess gumpaste creating amazing scroll pieces to decorate your cake with.

UK and European customers can purchased the moulds here:

Customers from the US can purchase from: 

Here is a video showing you all the steps of how to use these amazing new moulds.

Here are some shots from the video, showing the moulds used and different designs using the moulds.

Lots of different designs can be made using a combination of the moulds, see the images below

Scroll Moulds

Scroll Moulds

Scroll Moulds

Scroll Moulds

Scroll Moulds

Shots of the finished cake!


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