Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 1- Intensive PME Diploma - Sugarpaste

Day 1:
Today was Day 1 of the Intensive PME diploma course, 11 days of hard core cake decorating training where I will cover three modules and hopefully achieve a PME diploma at the end of it!

1.       Sugarpaste Module
2.       Royal Icing and Piping Module
3.       Sugar Flower module Module
I booked myself on the 11 day intensive back in June and was really looking forward to it.  Although a lot of people are self taught, for me, I have wanted to do some sort of formal training properly for sometime.
I was very surprised at how professional the PME classroom was.  The teachers demonstration area was hooked up to a camera which allowed students to see exactly what the teacher was doing on two huge wall mounted plasmas.  Each student had their own area with loads of PME equipment.

The class was fully booked and I was so surprised that so many people had flown in from abroad especially for this course.  There were students from Nigeria, Sardinia, New Zealand and Milan.
Day 1 started with the Sugarpaste module and was taught by an amazing teacher called Tony Warren.

The first part of the class was to cover a 6 inch dummy cake and learning how to use different textured rolling pins and crimpers to create fabric effects. Do you think crimpers are old fashioned? You don't really see crimpers used on modern cakes anymore. 
After covering the cake, we took a part of the top part of the cake out and replaced with a textured cut out.

After that we learned how to use plaque cutters. 
I have seen these cutters in shops for some time, but just didn’t know when to use them! I love these cutters now; you can make some really gorgeous designs with them.

Buy lunch we had covered our cakes; covered our boards and created various designs round the sides and the bottom of our cakes.
I was really pleased with my results as this stage. What do you think?

Lunch was provided with the course which I thought was going to be a couple of sandwiches and a bowl of fruit… how wrong was I!  Lunch was a hot meal with a lovely selection of breads and salads and desserts- amazing!

After lunch we were taught how to do fabric flowers and leaves as well as small drapes. I was really pleased with my fabric flowers and my little drape J

The last part of the class was making plaques, I thought this part was a bit weird as these plaques were not going on our cakes and was just basically using normal cutters- bit random!

This was the plaque I made.

Overall a really good start to the course- really pleased will my cake and happy that I now know how to do fabric flowers.

Bring on Day 2!

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