Monday, 21 November 2011

Day 7 - Intensive PME Diploma - Royal Icing

Day 7- Royal Icing

Today was the last day of our Royal Icing module and it was a very difficult one!
We started off piping lace by using templates again.

We also covered off how to brush embroider- I have actually done a tutorial on youtube on this.  It is very easy and quite effective J


We then started on royal icing extensions; these are decorations that come off the side of the cake.  These decorations are extremely delicate and very time consuming.  I don’t think these types of decorations are that common these days, and am not sure if customers would really appreciate the time and effort that goes into them!

The extensions took up most of the lesson- so much time effort and patience is required for this kind of work.

The last past of the lesson was all about finishing off our royal icing cake.  After putting ribbon round the cake, we piped roses and stems round the middle.

We then had the awful job of taking our collars off our pieces of acetate. I was extremely nervous about this part and was convinced I was going to crack my collar- thankfully it came off in one piece.

We popped the collar on our cake and then placed the swan (which I think is beautiful finished in lustre) and our letters and flowers.

This was Tony's cake- our fab teacher!
 Stunning detail!

Sugar flowers module tomorrow - I love to make flowers, so really looking forward to the next few days – yay!


  1. Oh my that looks beautiful! By any chance, could I please have a copy of the lace patterns?

    1. send me an email, and i will try scan over for you -