Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 8 - Intensive PME Diploma - Sugar Flowers

Day 8

Today was the first day of sugar flowers and I absolutely loved it!

We started off by making some plaques and decorated them making sugarpaste flowers.
The first flower we made was the gerbera.  I love this flower, with a couple of layers of flowers, you can make some amazing flowers.

We used tints to colour the tips of the petals to make the flower look more life like.

We then moved onto a christmas poinsettia- here it is.

The next thing we made was my favourite- a rose.

The next part of the lesson was making flowers using petal paste and wires.  The wilton petal paste we used was quite good and nice to work with. The rest of today's lesson was learning all about pulled flowers - it is amazing what you can do with this tool.

I made the following pulled flowers and finished off by adding stamens.

We will be making bigger wired flowers tomorrow- looking forward to it :) 

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