Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 4 - Intensive PME Diploma - Sugarpaste

Day 4 of the intensive PME diploma and it was such a fun day.
The morning started off with making borders for our 6 inch round cake.  The technique used was Broderie Anglaise.  After cutting out various lace shaped borders, we used eyelet cutters to cut out floral patterns.  What do you think of the border- quite pleased with it and its delicate effect.

After putting the border on, we modeled our bride and groom.  I decided to model an Indian couple and had so much fun doing this. I could have spent the whole day adding little details to make the couple more life like and to add a little character here and there.

After putting the veil on the brides head, I noticed a bald patch! I quickly covered up with some hair and fixed it up perfectly.

All the students had a great time modeling, one of the students modeled his groom pushing his bride off the cake!  All the creations were great.
Here is the finished result, what do you think?

At the very end of the lesson we started on royal icing.  Tomorrow, we will get to grips with writing and decorating with Royal icing, very much looking forward it as I don’t work much with royal icing.

Check back in tomorrow for Day 5 and pictures J

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