Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day 3 - Intensive PME Diploma - Sugarpaste

Day 3

Day three of the intensive PME diploma.

The morning started with us finishing off the bass relief clown that we started yesterday afternoon.  Bass relief is basically where sugarpaste is modelled to appear raised.  I don't see much of this technique anymore because most people people now days just use moulds.  Moulds are much more intricate these days and 10 times quicker.

Here is a picture of my bass relief clown - don't really like this technique, I think that moulds do a better job.

The next part of the lesson was making a tiered wedding cake.  I must say, this has been the most enjoyable part of the course so far.  

We worked with dummy cakes and first learnt how to cover our square cake. After covering the square cake we covered the board and put a textured pattern around the outside edges of the board.

The textured effect on the edges of the board gave a lovely fabric effect which I will be definitely trying again.

After this step, we started making swags for the sides of the cakes.
Here is a picture of one of my swags- quite pleased with it!

After making 4 swags, we started on the bows for the corners of the cakes, perfect for hiding the messy overlapping corners!

The rolled kitchen roll was used inside of the bows to help hold the shape.
We then placed an iced circular cake on top.

In class today we also talked about stacking cakes with pillars as well as the different types of pillars available on the market. We also talked about transporting cakes, but will be covering more on transporting later on in the course.

I wanted to show you a picture of the classroom and the demo area where Tony our tutor demonstrates various techniques.  The TVs are brilliant, as Tony is able to zoom in on key parts of demos he does.

Looking forward to finishing off the wedding cake tomorrow where we will also be making a bride and groom and also decorating the side of our circular cake with a broderie anglaise trim.  Broderie anglaise is a lovely lace effect and I will show you pictures in tomorrow's blog.


  1. Whao, I have been thoroughly following your post. Booked in for the sugar flowers class on 12 Dec and really looking forward to starting. Will eventually go for the sugarpaste & royal icing class when I find the time to do so.

  2. Need to mention that I was so desperate to complete the three modules before January and have been trying to book 2 other modules with another course provider. However, having read you post, I am so keen to do all three modules with Knightbridge

  3. Temi, I have enjoyed it very much so far. Some things are not that new to me, but it is good :)