Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 2- Intensive PME Diploma - Sugarpaste

Day 2
Day 2 was largely about novelty cakes, but we also covered certain aspects of owning a business.
We covered the importance of health and safety and registering with your council.  An interesting thing that I learnt was that council tax goes up if you make cakes from home- costs everywhere!
We then covered off pricing, it was a really good part of the class and the general rule to apply was to add of the cost of ingredients used in each cake and then multiply by 3.  Tony also covered off different insurances too which I think a lot of people tend to forget about.
There was very interesting discussion on copyrights on designs and talk of making cakes of Disney animations and various designer handbag cakes.  Tony told us about a lady that he knew that was being sued because she made a really good Jack Daniel’s cake.  It is really important to ask for permission and where possible to get acceptance to copy a design in writing.
After an interesting discussion about business, we moved onto making our handbag cakes.

We used maderia cake to carve the shape of our handbags and then crumb coated with buttercream. 

We then used textured rolling pins to cover the shaped cake with sugarpaste and learnt how to add piping and trims too.

We then sprayed with lustre- not totally happy with the coverage of the spray as I spy patches of white- I am very critical!
After putting finishing touches to the handbag we iced our board and then worked on making a piece of fabric that the bag would rest on.
I felt a bit rushed today, so not totally happy with today’s creation but here is a picture anyway J
 Back view
 Front view
View of whole cake with bag resting on fabric
We finished the lesson learning about Bass Relief, and made a start on working on a bass relief clown.  We will finish tomorrow morning- so will post pictures on the Day 3 blog.

Feeling a little tired today, and it is only Day 2!